Within Temptation starts of “Resist” with the massive “The Reckoning”, featuring Jacoby Shaddix of legendary rockers Papa Roach. And they keep it up that way almost all the way trough their new album. Without any doubt Within Temptation have found new inspiration. Sharon’s brake with her solo must have been refreshing. From being just another modern metal band with a classic foundation and a female front artist, it seem that they finally have found their own identity. “Resist” is certainly not the follow-up to “Hydra”, this album is something completely different even though I can spot similarities from the Dutch band’s earlier productions.

The sound is massive, the compositions are effective with strong melodies and most of the time liberated from  endless intros and such. Nowadays a list of guest artists are more legio than a sensation and “Resist” is no exception to that rule. Besides the already mentioned Jacoby Shaddix, Within Temptation are also being joined by Anders Fridén (In Flames) on “Raise You Banner” and Belgian Jasper Steverlinck on the beautiful “Firelight”.  

So why not a 10? Well, I am not sure that “Resist” is a legendary album. Even though 80% of the songs are really good, they are in some sense also quite similar to each other. There’s a hook and a catchy refrain in almost all of them. And it is polished, very polished. The guitars blends up with the massive synthesizers and loads of different effects. It sounds good. Too good? Did Within Temptation forgot their rock’n roll somewhere? Maybe. But even though that might be the case, you won’t regret adding “Resist”  to your streams.

Artist: Within Temptation

Album: Reist

Label: Universal

Year: 2019-02-01

Number of tracks: 10 (+10 instrumental)

Rate: 8/10

Standout track: Supernova