As they enter the stage and kick off ”Battle in the Sky”, there are some acoustic feedback issues, which unfortunately come and go throughout the entire show. That is a bit of a disturbing element, but they keep the energy all the way through and deliver their powerful metal, with a mixed setlist with both old and new songs from seven of their eight albums. (Sadly no “Metalheads Unite”, but can’t have everything, right?!)

We do get a special treat – the live premiere of ”The Warlock’s Trail”, a song they haven’t even rehearsed together. But apparently that doesn’t matter, because they manage to nail it anyway.

I have seen Bloodbound live a lot of times, on all types of venues and with all kinds of member line-ups, but never before with this feeling of unity and harmony like this evening. There is brotherhood and joy just flowing from the stage, which just spreads out to everyone and is amazing to feel. And Patrik J Selleby has grown both as a singer and a frontman, and really knows how to connect with the audience.

And the always brilliant ”Nosferatu” gives us the perfect ending to the show, with both audience and band on fire.

Who: Bloodbound
Where: Sabaton Open Air Festival
When: 2019-08-16
Rate: 8/10
Stand out tracks: In the Name of Metal, Stormborn, Nosferatu