Live review – Sabaton Open Air 2019: Borknagar


There is something about this Norwegian progressive black metal band that just gets to me every time I hear them. And there is no difference this time around.
At least not from the beginning.

From the start it’s overwhelming, and gives that feeling of being hit by a truck and drifting off somewhere. Somewhere, where there is darkness and light, hope and despair, and it’s all crushing into the bones and soul, and just fills up the lungs with broken discouragement.

But this time it’s like the intensity fades during the set, and somehow the flow and the energy just goes missing for a while, and then returns and then goes away again. And sadly, it doesn’t really come back, instead it’s just leaving an empty feeling inside. Hollow and cold, which is actually just so extremely suitable this evening.

Who: Borknagar
Where: Sabaton Open Air Festival
When: 2019-08-15

Rate: 6/10
Stand out track: The Rhymes of the Mountain

Jane Cedenberger

Jane Cedenberger


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