Live review – Sabaton Open Air 2019: Crystal Viper


The afternoon in Falun is kind of grey, the dark clouds surrounding the arena and you ask yourself if it’s time to get some more clothes on just in case if the rain comes. The rain didn’t show up so the 45 minutes with Crystal Viper turned out to be quite relaxing. The band is good at the thing they are here for, playing heavy metal. Unfortunately the music isn’t good enough to affect me and to be honest that’s pretty sad because I really like the energy that Marta Gabriel gives us the whole show.

The band members are indeed competent on their respective instruments and “When The Sun Goes Down” is a brilliant song, although it’s not good enough this afternoon in Falun. Somewhere you have heard it before and the lack of doing something unique is not taking Crystal Viper anywhere, which is kind of boring because the competence and the energy is there.

“Do Or Die” is a great metal song and Marta has a voice that other female singers would kill for. When Crystal Viper played the Sabaton Open Air back in 2013 I thought it was a good show but to be honest they haven’t developed at all in the past six years. Sorry but maybe next time and as I said “When The Sun Goes Down” is brilliant.

Who: Crystal Viper
Where: Sabaton Open Air, Primo Victoria Stage
When: 2019-08-16
Rate: 5/10
Stand out track: When The Sun Goes Down

Johan Hagberg

Johan Hagberg

Editor & writer

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