Billion Dollar Babies became Deaf Rat and the live debut is in the bands home town Falun, at the Sabaton Open Air, a wednesday night. Frankie Rich is a really talented entertainer and the songs are quite good. When it comes to the pre-party at Sabaton Open Air the problem is the sound. I don’t know if it’s difficult to get a good sound in the tent or maybe I’m standing on the wrong place every year, to sum it up it’s a problem and a few years ago a singer in a band unfriended me on facebook because I gave them a bad review, which of course is kind of ridiculous because in my review I was writing about the problem with the sound.

I hope this time I’m not getting the same treatment because me and Max in Deaf Rat are friends on facebook. The sound is a problem but the songs are not. The band is a well-oiled machine and they are having fun on that stage. “Fallen Angels”,  which is the first single of the upcoming album “Ban The Light”, is working very well and the title track from the new album shows that the band have potential to take the next step. The best this night though is “I Want To See You Burn” where they have a special guest on stage. His name is David Ekström and believe me when I say that everyone has met David who has been on a Sabaton Cruise or at Sabaton Open Air. David is a nice guy, Deaf Rat is a good live act and at last Sabaton Open Air is on the go 2019.

Who: Deaf Rat
Where: Sabaton Open Air
When: 2019-08-14
Rate: 7/10
Stand out track: I iWant To See You Burn