I went to Ensiferums gig at Sabaton Open Air with my eyes wide open. I don’t have any relation to the band and I think it’s pretty interesting and exciting those times that I’m about to review bands that I barely heard before. I read on the internet that the band is coming from Helsinki, Finland which I knew but I get interested when I see that they are playing “melodic folk metal”. Sabaton Open Air is known to bring bands of this genre to Falun, Ensiferum have played this festival before and last year we wittnessed Trollfest making a very special appearance at Lugnet here in Falun.

For me personally this kind of music is not giving me that much joy even if I’m impressed of the high level energy that takes us from the first to the last minute. It’s headbanging, some nice riffs and it’s hard to stand still just because of that energy which is palpable most of the gig. Energy is one thing though, songs that you can remember is another thing. Unfortunately the songs are molded in the same shape and that gets kind of boring in a while. Who knows if I ever get in to this kind of hard rock. The future will tell.

Who: Ensiferum
Where: Sabaton Open Air, Falun
When: 2019-08-15
Rate: 6/10
Stand out track: Way Of The Warrior