Live review – Sabaton Open Air 2019: Frozen Crown


This Italian power metal band has already released two albums, even though they have only been around since 2017. They have two singers, Giada ”Jade” Etro and Federico Mondelli, who also plays guitars (and keyboards, but not on stage, only in the songs).

From the start there are some technical issues, the music and Federico’s voice drown Giada’s vocals. Luckily that gets better after a while, and the combination of voices just works out greatly.

There is a lot of joy coming from the stage, and especially the bass player Filipo Zavattari seems to be everywhere all the time, jumping and running around like crazy, which is fun to watch. Giada has a bit of a charming awkwardness in her movements, but a really good connection with the audience, and a great voice.

Who: Frozen Crown
Where: Sabaton Open Air Festival
Stand out track
: I Am the Tyrant

Jane Cedenberger

Jane Cedenberger


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