GAUPA, a Swedish stoner band from Falun starts of with an immence energy right from the top. The opening song “Febersvan” takes us on a journey through suggestive landscapes and dark forests. The level of energy they display is astuonding and they keep it up for the whole set. Even in the slow, almost psychadelic, parts of the show, they never seem to loose any focus or intensity.

The singer, Emma Näslund, is more like a force of nature than a vocalist and moves with ease between high pitch parts which makes it feel like she was born in the forests that surrounds us and low dark tones who makes the songs almost feel a bit unearthly. Every now and then, GAUPA is a steamroller ready to crush anything that dares to stand in front of them and is brilliant mixed with the fever-induced, hypnotic parts of the songs.

A cute little scene takes place right before they play their single “The Drunk Autopussy Wants to Fight You”. The drummer, Jimmy Hurtig, asks his two step-sons to aid him behind the drums and gets a loud cheer from the audience. The song it self is a wrecking ball of a monster and kicks the whole set up a notch.

One complaint I have is with the overall sound in the tent where the show takes place. It is much to loud for the small venue and with a voice as strong as Emmas, you easily drown the rest of the band.

All in all it is a very good show they deliver, the songs are tight, raw and epic pieces of stoner/doom/phsycadelic and even some more progressive parts. You just know there are great things in the future for this band and only time will tell just how much greatness they will achieve.


Where: Sabaton Open Air

When: 2019-08-14

Rate: 7/10

Stand out track: The Drunk Autopussy Wants To Fight You