If you can get a whole audience to scream swosch, which is the sound of a galactic hammer in space, then you have managed to got the audience with you.

Gloryhammer is among the best you can see on a stage today. Their fantasy metal has everything you can imagine. Superheroes, evil villains, Goblins, dragons and unicorns and more. All this is played on stage by the band members. We might not got to see a unicorn, but they played 2 songs about them. I can only stand there in the audience and smile and when I look out among the others standing there I am not the only one smiling. Many do the same. The age is very varied as well, here are children from the age of 7 to adults who surely used their pension to see the band. The music is perfectly written for this spectacle. The musicians are skilled. If I have to find something to complain about, the sound is not the best, but I don’t care because I have Angus McFife XIII on stage and the whole Hoothforce. One song that stands out is the song Gloryhammer from the last album. It might be one of the best songs ever made.

Who: Gloryhammer
Where: Sabaton Open Air
When: 2019-08-17
Rate: 10/10
Stand Out Track: Gloryhammer