Sabaton is a well oiled (war)machine that delivers metal so no one is disappointed. In their own home arena they give everything they got. Material from the new album “The Great war” is delivered and it is good. The fire and the bombs that are fired give the audience a little warmth in the rainy night. The rain increases but the large crowd gathered to hear their heroes do not care that they get wet. The audience is huge and everyone praises Sabaton, and with all right. The band plays their songs with skill and they are professionals at the highest level. They love to play in their home town and the smalltalk between songs are rare, they just deliever.

Sabaton chooses to play songs from “Carolus Rex” in Swedish, even though the audience are from at least 30 different nationalities. It’s just magic to hear the crowd sing along with the band in swedish. Unfortunately, the rain causes many to enter the tents and that is a shame. The concert that Sabaton delivers should be experienced down in front of the stage, not up in the tents. It’s like watching TV. The band promised to run again next year. We are looking forward to it already. Sabaton’s own festival is one of the best in Sweden.

Who: Sabaton
Where: Sabaton Open Air
When: 2019-08-17
Rate: 9/10
Stand Out Track: Carolus Rex