Live review – Sabaton Open Air 2019: Visions of Atlantis


There is a lot of wind, and showers of rain…but it doesn’t really matter, because when this Austrian/Italian/French symphonic combination starts their show, that is where the focus goes. They are like this perfectly matched, well-oiled machinery, packed with a lot of playful energy and simply a pure joy to experience live. Well choreographed, but still full of spontaneity.

The dynamic duo of pure excellence, also known as the two singers Clémentine Delauney and Michele Guaitoli and what they share, is nothing short of amazing. Together they create a special kind of magic through this journey of songs from way back when and the very now – since the new album will be released August 30th.

And it’s great with a band that actually allow us to hear the bass throughout the whole show, it gives it all that solid backbone. And solid is a good description for this band this evening. Solid and strong. And amazing.

Who: Visions of Atlantis
Where: Sabaton Open Air Festival
When: 2019-08-17
Rate: 8/10
Stand out tracks: A Life of Our Own, A Journey to Remember

Jane Cedenberger

Jane Cedenberger


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