Live review – Sabaton Open Air 2019: War of Thrones


This band from Tampa, Florida, released their first full-length album ”Conflict in Creation” last year, but today’s lineup is different from then when it comes to drums and guitar.

But first and foremost: The best thing about this show is drummer Joseph Zapantis. He has amazing energy and a happy smile and beats the hell out of the drums while barely managing to sit in place.

And the most colourful thing on stage is Matt Roberts’ bright neon green guitar, pink guitar strap and orange cable, while he himself is dressed in black and moves around the stage with sunglasses on and that semi-cool, half-bored expression. The tones and his playing is great, though – he just looks a little bit too laidback, especially in contrast to the others (read: yes, the drummer).

Singer Wade Black (ex Crimson Glory) has a voice that sways in pretty much all directions and matches the very special dance moves with it, he seems to be all over the place and yet somehow appears to be standing still.

And then suddenly the awesome Richard Marks kicks of a bass solo, which transcends into a powerful teamwork with drums and bass – and Joseph Zapanatis drops a drum stick in the middle, but still manages to keep the beat going.

At the end the singer also gives a short speech about how amazing it is to be able to travel the world doing what he loves, and that Sweden is a beautiful country, but has too many rules, based on the fact that he was asked to leave Hard Rock for being too loud…

The songs are ok, but not captivating enough, and experiencing them live mostly feels like a ”blah”. But the musicians are great.

Who: War of Thrones
Where: Sabaton Open Air Festival
When: 2019-08-15

Rate: 5/10
Stand out track: not a track, but drummer Joseph Zapantis

Jane Cedenberger

Jane Cedenberger


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