Sabaton Open Air has today announced that Van Canto is confirmed to play their 2020 issue in Falun, Sweden.

The festival states:

VAN CANTO – rakkatakking voices to Sabaton Open Air

A fresh breeze in the metal swamp at Sabaton Open Air – this is what German VAN CANTO stands for. If you have seen them before – perhaps at our festival, which they have visited twice before – you know what is going on. This is a metal band with just one instrument (drums), the rest of the sounds on stage are pure vocals. Thus it is an a capella band that we have the honor to present today!

Squeaky guitars, thunderous basses and tormented synths will give way to a more ”humane” sound. Since the band formed back in 2006, they have released seven albums and toured the world with their golden throats.
One of the founders, Stef, comment: “We are excited and thrilled to fill the magic festival area in Falun with our rakkatakking voices. We are invited for the third time to this outstanding event – Thank you!!!”

-Well, thank YOU for coming back!

Tickets for Sabaton Open Air:

Sabaton Open Air is held on the Lugnet Skidstadion in Sabaton’s hometown Falun, Sweden on Aug 5-8 2020.
Other confirmed bands for 2020 are: Sabaton, Equilibrium, Myrath, Cyhra, Burning Witches, Metalite & Tungsten.