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Vampire – REX

If you are into bands like Nifelheim, Merciless and Possessed and haven’t yet heard Vampire you should definitely give them a chance

Horisont – Sudden Death

When it comes to trying new ideas, Horisont very much succeded where Witchcraft failed with “Black Metal”.

Havok – V

A Havok album is now to thrash like a Bob Marley album is to reggae; it abides to the rules of the genre, because if it didn’t it wouldn’t be the genre anymore.

Naglfar – Cerecloth

It’s very clear that Kristoffer Olivius and his band of brothers know exactly what they’re doing. This really is how the pros do it.

Body Count – Carnivore

They also manage to shake off a more emotional side with the strong When I’m Gone, featuring Evanescences Amy Lee on background vocals. Even the obligatory cover tune, a cool interpretation of Motörheads indestructable Ace Of Spades, is a song they against all odds manage to pull off and that works surprisingly well with rap vocals.

Wolf – Feeding The Machine

The album contains a whole lot of mean riffs, good musicianship, solid vocals alongside quite a few really banging songs. But as I mentioned, “Feeding The Machine” also contains some fillers that bring down the album as a whole.

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