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Borknagar – True North

Yes there is still some element of their early days, they haven´t gone all Anathema/Opeth yet but are on their way as far as i´m concerned. Listen to “Up North” and look at the cover… And then, just to put up their middle finger to an unprepared reviewer they go full black metal fury again.

Entombed A.D. – Bowels of Earth

If you are a great fan of old school Stockholm death metal, you won’t probably regret it if you give “Bowels of Earth” a few spins, but I also think you wouldn’t miss that much if you skipped it. I guess it comes down to how much you love Stockholm death, or more precisely how much you love Entombed. So be your own judge on that one!

Queensryche – The Verdict

Another track I figure is about the world today is “Dark Reverie” which is another dark dramatic song that explore what the new Queensryche is all about. Songs about where we are today and what we are doing wrong to this world.

Backyard Babies – Sliver & Gold

Thirty years ago, back in 1989 in the small town of Nässjö in southern Sweden four guys got together and formed a rock band. A rock band that would take them from Nässjö to Stockholm and eventually all around the world. That band is Backyard Babies and they are now releasing their eighth studio album called “Sliver & Gold”.

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