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Suicide Silence - Become The Hunter

Suicide Silence reveal details on upcoming album

California based extreme metal act, Suicide Silence have revealed the cover artwork and track listing of their sixth studio album, “Become The Hunter”. The album is scheduled to be released in early 2020 with pre-orders expected in November.

AntropomorphiA - Merciless Savagery

AntropomorphiA launch video for ‘Womb ov Thorns’

“‘Sermon Ov Wrath’ was our most raw and honest statement and an album where we transcended certain genre limitations, capturing the essence of AntropomorphiA, and I would say the new record’s atmosphere is darker, heavier and more punishing, but still has hooky riffs and grooves. I think it’s the logical step forward. It’s a different chapter, even more diverse while being very cohesive, but you can immediately hear it’s AntropomorphiA.”

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