Smackbound are off for a Run


Turning your Heart to Stone seems a Perfect Plan

Circus Of Rock

Frontiers presents their new signing, Circus Of Rock


Perfect Plan claims it’s “Time For A Miracle”


Smackbound presents a ”Wall Of Silence”


Lionville release new single off upcoming album, “Magic Is Alive”

Dukes Of The Orient - Freaskshow

Dukes Of The Orient ready to unleash a “Freaskshow”

BlackRose Maze1

Black Rose Maze release new single off upcoming album

Enuff Z'Nuff - Brainwashed Generation

Enuff Z’Nuff release new single off upcoming album “Brainwashed Generation”

Tokyo Motor Fist - Lions

Tokyo Motor Fist launch music video for “Around Midnight”

Shining Black

My Life is Shining Black, according to Mark Boals and Olaf Thorsen

Michael Grant & The Assasins

Michael Grant & The Assassins has an anthem for us, the “Anthem Of Us”!


FM will “Change For The Better”

Pretty Maids - Maid In Japan

Pretty Maids presents “Little Drops of Heaven” off the recently released “Maid In Japan”

One Desire - Midnight Empire

One Desire – Midnight Empire

Shining Black

Mark Boals and Olaf Thorsen presents Shining Black