Tagged: Indie recordings

Oberst – Paradise

“Paradise” is a quite nice acquaintance! With this type of vocals the guitars got an important job to do, building a solid ground to bring the songs forward and in that, Oberst does make a good job!

The New Death Cult - True Eyes

Stargazed Magazine exclusive! Listen to The New Death Cult’s new single “True Eyes”

Stargazed Magazine are proud to present the exclusive territory premiere of The New Death Cult’s new single “True Eyes” today at 13 CET! After the debut singles that have been premiered on BBC’s Dan P. Carter’s Radio Rock Show and listed as “Track of the Week” via Classic Rock UK, The New Death Cult are back with another sparkling fresh rock track titled “True Eyes”.

Kampfar – Ofidians Manifest

The album is built around rhythm. Drums, guitars and vocals are the foundations for the album, pianos and various synthesizers are used for decorating it. The latter are used sparingly, thank you very much.

Diabolical – Eclipse

As the band are about to release there fifth full-length album ‘Eclipse’ which is a concept album focusing on the dark sides of humanity I only had to listen to it one time to really get a good feeling of the album

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