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Gösta Berlings Saga - Konkret Musik

Gösta Berlings Saga delivers ”Konkret Musik”

Swedish progressive rock instrumentalists Gösta Berlings Saga have announced their upcoming sixth studio album entitled “Konkret Musik”, to be released worldwide on July 24th. The album’s first single “Basement Traps” is now released.

Lonely Robot - Feelings Are Good

Lonely Robot states that ”Life Is A Sin Wave”

Lonely Robot, the project masterminded by producer, guitarist and singer/songwriter John Mitchell (Kino, Frost*, Arena, It Bites), are set to release their fourth album “Feelings Are Good” on the 17th July 2020. Now, the first track from this record “Life Is A Sin Wave” has been released.

Leprous – Pitfalls

A few months back i reviewed Sonata Arctica and they surprised me by stepping out of their comfort zone. I think Leprous thought the same with this record.

Flower Kings – Waiting For Miracles

As I am a connoisseur to the world of Flower Kings I do not know who sings on the different songs but I find both(?) singers enjoyable to listen to. Seven to ten minutes can seem like a long song but in this company, some of the songs doesn´t seem that long.

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