Black & Gold is the way forward for Thundermother

Saxon 2

I think that we are still making good albums: interview with Saxons vocalist Biff Byford


“There is a lot of music and lyrics on our 22 albums”: interview with Magnums Tony Clarkin


“I try to maintain a positive attitude everyday”: interview with Ronnie Atkins

Accept - new member

Uli Jon Roth is probably the best guitar player ever:Interview with Wolf Hoffman

Ricky Warwick - When Life Was Hard & Fast - Artwork

I find it honorable to be mentioned with Thin Lizzy as a reference: Interview with Ricky Warwick


“Moment” is a continuation of “Atoma”: Interview with Mikael Stanne, Dark Tranquillity

Lightbringer of Sweden - Rise of the Beast

Hopefully we have a new album out in 2021:Interview with Lars Eng from The Lightbringer of Sweden

Hammerfall live

A new album in 2022 is the plan, but…:Interview with Oscar Dronjak, Hammerfall

John & Mike 2

Mike Portnoy is not coming back as a drummer in Dream Theater: Interview with John Petrucci

Blues Pills - Proud Woman

We’ve always been quite hard to categorize, musically: Interview with Elin Larsson from Blues Pills


Hopefully we can start our tour in february: Interview with James Christian (House of Lords)

Enemy Within - Fallen Front Cover

Interview with Enemy Within

Paradise Lost - Obsidian

Paradise lost – Obsidian, Review & Interview with Greg Mackintosh

Deadrisen - Deadrisen

DeadRisen – Review and interview with Will Shaw

Katapult - A Fistful Of Truth

Katapult – A Fistful of Truth review and interview with Johan Norström