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Bullet – Live

I mean, this is great. Really great! It’s the best live album I’ve heard in years and years, probably since Halford – Live Insurrection (2001), and I love every single thing about it! An eight star review is just too weak, this must have nine stars! And so it is!

Blind Guardian - The Forgotten Tales

Blind Guardian release “The Forgotten Tales” history episode

After releasing the remixed and remastered versions of their first  seven studio records, Blind Guardian recently started the pre-order  for their next and final three re-issues, “The Forgotten Tales”,  “Tokyo Tales” and “Live”. Now the band has revealed a new history episode for their re-issue of “The Forgotten Tales”.

Ghost livereview – Globe Arena Stockholm 19-02-23

The backdrop in the shape of giant church windows with Ghost history in them if you looked closely, was stylish, the big stairs from the top of the stage to the floor was great. It let the Ghouls have their own kind of stage show but without taking focus from Cardinal Copia