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Lordi – Killection (A Fictional Compilation Album)

To make it even more entertaining, the concept of a greatest hits album puts each song in certain time period and musical orientation, like the 80’s AOR tune Like The Bee To The Honey, with synthezisers and saxophone and everything, or disco inferno Zombimbo, which I Was Made For Loving You similarities I think Gene Simmons easily could sue them for.

Beast In Black presents new live video

International heavy metal group Beast In Black have just completed the second leg of their European tour in support of their sophomore album “From Hell With Love”. To whet the appetite of fans until the upcoming show in Helsinki on December 13, Beast In Black are proud to unveil the official live music video for “Cry Out For A Hero”.


“Hootforce” is without a doubt my favorite on the album, the symphonic and the raw are perfectly combined. The singer has a perfect voice for the music. The chorus is the strongest on the album and I have been singing it for several days. Can’t get it out of my mind.

Mr Lordi

Lordi as Max Raabe’s guest at MTV Unplugged

Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester invited to a MTV Unplugged concert to Berlin, Clärchens Ballhaus, in May: One of the guests was Mr. Lordi, singer of Finnish shock-rocker LORDI. Under the sign of the slogan “Opposites attract”, the duet of Max Raabe and Mr. Lordi was an unsual highlight of the show. The MTV Unplugged Show will premiere on 22nd November at MTV and will also be released on CD, Vinyl and DVD.

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