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Maraton - Fringe Logic

Stargazed exclusive! Maraton premieres new single “Fringe Logic”

Described as “shamelessly melodic”, Maraton pushes the boundaries and mixes styles of prog, rock and pop into an utterly mesmerizing sound of their own! The band released their debut album titled “Meta” earlier this year. To extend the life of their debut “Meta”, two new singles will be released this Fall, and “Fringe Logic” is the first one.

Underwing- Spirals (EP)

Underwing- Spirals (EP)

Underwing has been described as the child of Black Sabbath and Alice in Chains who was adopted by Tool, growing up in a neighborhood of Soundgarden and Motorpsycho. The description is actually not far off!

Maraton – Meta

Filled with catchy melodies, odd time signatures and heavy riffs, the soaring vocals of Fredrik Bergersen Klemp is simply the icing on an already delicious cake. “Meta” is an album for fans of the Muse era that brought us “Origin of Symmetry”, “Absolution” and “Black Holes and Revelations”.


Norwegian prog rockers Maraton announce debut album

Norwegian prog rockers Maraton will release their debut album titled “Meta” on April 26th. Since its inception in 2010, the band has sought to create a style of music which combines the rhythmic heaviness from bands such as Mars Volta with the pop aesthetics of Muse.

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