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Avantasia – Moonglow

Once again Tobias invited guest musicians and the result is sometimes good, sometimes really good and believe me when I say that it’s on a few tracks is pure brilliance

Lugnet – Nightwalker

Besides the obvious and most noticable influence in Black Sabbath Lugnet also mixes in elements of heavy metal, hard rock and a little bit of stonerrock but puts a unique spin on the whole thing.

Evergrey – The Atlantic

It’s all good an all, but I can somewhat miss the melodies that are a piece of the bands classic sound. There are a little too many dark riffs and too few powerful melodies here.

Soen – Lotus

So instead of becoming classic over-pretentious progressive metal, is turns out quite entertaining, with a couple of tracks that has that little extra. And one of them giving me the goose-bumps that comes more and more seldom – listen to “Martyrs” and wait for it. You know when you hear it.

Corroded – Bitter

I like Corroded and I want this to be good, but “Bitter” is unfortunately also a suitable title for the album.

Feral Roots

Rival Sons – Feral Roots

I’ve recently reviewed the full-lenght debut by Greta Van Fleet and the new re-recordings by Thunder here at Stargazed Magazine. While I do enjoy the latter and find the former competent in their mimicking of Led Zeppelin and early Rush, I find that neither of those records can quite stand their ground next to the mighty Rival Sons. This is the real deal for us lovers of classic rock!

Within Temptation – Resist

8/10 Within Temptation starts of “Resist” with the massive “The Reckoning”, featuring Jacoby Shaddix of legendary rockers Papa Roach. And they keep it up that...

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