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For me who really is no fan of metalcore this was/is a nice experience and also a reminder to myself to not be so comfortable in just going for same old, same old.

Windom End – Perspective Views

There is not one single weak song on this album and it feels so extremely well constructed. It is as if the whole piece is a puzzlebox where every single part has its place without being forced to fit. It simply flows, if you follow my drift…

Ahab – Live Prey

The recording was done without the bands knowledge which doesn’t make their deliverance of their ”Nautic Funeral Doom” less impressive!

Vampire – REX

If you are into bands like Nifelheim, Merciless and Possessed and haven’t yet heard Vampire you should definitely give them a chance

Horisont – Sudden Death

When it comes to trying new ideas, Horisont very much succeded where Witchcraft failed with “Black Metal”.

FM – Synchronized

Anyways, if you’re looking for some high quality melodic rock/AOR from 2020, look no further. This album will fulfill most of your urges

One Desire – Midnight Empire

It’s also one of those albums that grow pretty much each time you listen to it. Starting off with ”nah, this is really not my bag”, leading to ”hey, I can listen to this without getting an allergic rash”, and then ”well, I quite enjoy this” ending at ”I actually like this, it makes me smile, it’s filled of joy – and joy is so very much needed right now”.

Vader – Solitude In Madness

For me, Vader is very much like pizza. I’m rarely not in the mood for it, it’s always quite tasty and even when it’s a bad one, it’s still pretty good. However, it can rarely compete with a lobster or a steak.

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