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Slipknot – We Are Not Your Kind

This fact made me having some expectations on the new album “We Are Not Your Kind” and the whole thing ends up in………I don’t know what to say except that they are far from the 2014 effort, and I’m disappointed.

Aviana – Epicenter

And when the hardest part of reviewing an album is trying to pick out the tracks that really stand out and not really wanting to stop listening, that is when you know it’s pure fucking special.

One Hour Hell – Voidwalker

I really felt the production and the sound has gotten more heavy on this album, which really has a feeling that some of the songs will be amazing to hear live from the band.

Hammerfall – Dominion

I have no problem with “Dominion”, it works okay. I can listen to it and dig the music, and some songs could even become future classics; especially “(We Make) Sweden Rock” is a great anthem, and the title track is nice too. But there are no really massive tracks on this one to really take the album higher

Killswitch Engage – Atonement

In through the studio door enters the mighty Chuck Billy of Testament and delivers the song “The Crownless King”. Here the band  are proving once again that they can handle the heavier part without slipping through the dangerous quicksand of what metalcore is supposed to sound like.

Unruly Child – Big Blue World

Overall, this is quite a standard album in a long line of AOR albums released from label Frontiers and nothing really sticks out about it. But still, I quite like it. The songs are good enough and the overall vibe is nice.

Volbeat – Rewind, Replay, Rebound

When a new Volbeat album comes out you are quite sure that the fans are gonna praise and the haters are gonna hate. And since there for some reason are a lot of people in both of these categories but not too many in between, I can only give you what I think.

Thobbe Englund – Hail To The Priest

The first one was good and the second was not good at all, which made me wonder how this cover album would turn out. The answer is that it turned out just fine. This is 55 minutes of love to the band that many people around the world adore.

Destruction – Born To Perish

“Tyrants of the Netherworld” is a furious and brutal assault on our ears that shows off the bands best hooks and riffs on the album. This song must have been the newcomers audition song. I wouldn´t want to be in Randy Blacks clothes after this one. “We Breed Evil” is the albums “nothing to see here-move on” song. Still with great groove and those furious guitars.

Skillet – Victorious

The title track “Victorious” for example is brilliant and when I sum up 2019 it will definitely be there listed along with Avantasias “Moonglow” and Pulgasaris “Alive Again” and probably some more songs when I make a chart over the best songs this year.

NorthTale – Welcome To Paradise

That unity, completed with the bass, also truly shines in songs like ”The Rhythm of Life”, ”Siren’s Fall” and ”Bring Down the Mountain”. And in combination with the vocals, it all just makes sense and all fits like a glove. And the gentle but yet magnificent ending with the beautiful ”Even When” that is just so… breathtaking.

Thy Art Is Murder – Human Target

“Eye For an Eye” is the second to last song and another song to be remembered after this review is sent for publication. Boys drop the deathcore/grind parts and just focus on your own special death metal mix. Then you´ve got something.

Narnia – From Darkness to Light

The fourth track “The Armor of God” is a speedier power metal song with a neoclassic touch. This one should please their fans out there. The melody actually sounds quite simular to an old swedish folksong by Björn Afzelius (En Kungens Man).

Memoriam – Requiem For Mankind

“Austery Kills” is a great fast song and my love story with the band are from here on cast in concrete. This is just what I want my death metal to sound like. Apparently an angry reaction to Britain’s health care system.

Enthroned – Cold Black Suns

The aggressive parts sure blast away from time to time but even if they often consist of a cacophony of different things going on at the same time, they sound strangely blank and when Enthroned actually makes something different, like in the beginning of ”Silent Redemption” it mostly sound like watered down and quite awful ”Pop Metal” to me.

Firespawn – Abominate

Hard to do anything with LGs vocals but somehow because of the melodies he has to adjust and step up and focus more. In Firespawn I feel that he can´t do a song just putting cruise control and go. He must be on top of his game. Refreshing.

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