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Dan McCafferty – Last Testament

This is a mellow album with a lot of slow songs and melancholy moods. But it’s also a warm album with a lot of heart and uplifting folk music elements from the singers scottish heritage. It feels genuine and it feels good.

Pretty Maids – Undress Your Madness

To me, the production holds the songs back, and the result is nothing more than just okay. But still, okay is okay, and so I think this album is all right, even though I had hoped for a little more.

Raised Fist – Anthems

Points for the quality and influences from other genres on this album. Also points for the undying wish I must jump up and down where I stand. Going into quality, these songs are well worked over. Introductions, verses, choruses, bridges; it´s all thought through and delivered well packaged.

Slayer – The Repentless Killogy

Besides the classic stuff and the “Repentless”-songs you get “Disciple” from “God Hates us All” and “Hate Worldwide” from the “World Painted Blood”-album, two decent post-classic songs but they have both been included on earlier live releases.

Leprous – Pitfalls

A few months back i reviewed Sonata Arctica and they surprised me by stepping out of their comfort zone. I think Leprous thought the same with this record.

Paganizer – The Tower of the Morbid

Although that song might not be my cup of tea, the rest of the record, makes up for that by far, as the remaining 10 tracks consist of pure “Stockholm school” Death Metal, but with an individual touch in each song, making this relevant even compared with the myriad of Death Metal-records on the market today.

Runemagick – Into Desolate Realms

Everything we are used to find on a Runemagick album is also present on “Into Desolate Realms”, the slow ultra heavy parts, the occasional outburst of faster, or at least mid tempo Death Metal

Flower Kings – Waiting For Miracles

As I am a connoisseur to the world of Flower Kings I do not know who sings on the different songs but I find both(?) singers enjoyable to listen to. Seven to ten minutes can seem like a long song but in this company, some of the songs doesn´t seem that long.

Deaf Rat – Ban The Light

This album will probably go down well with some that do like their rock predictable and with as many re-used lines as possible in the lyrics. For me it just got tiring listening to what seemed to be the same “good enough” song over and over again.

REXORIA – Icebreaker

REXORIA has a great deal of potential and the music isn’t bad. Frida Ohlin has a great voice and the rest of the band play their instruments faultlessly so what’s the problem? For me twelve songs is at least two too many and unfortunately they peak already in the opening track, but what a song that is.

Tygers of Pan Tang – Ritual

Tygers of Pan Tang is that classic middle of the road-band of the NWOBHM-bag, the one that’s neither one of the legends or one of the obscure diamonds, but just was always there, and was always great.

The Darkness – Easter Is Cancelled

It’s a little more melodic than the bands classic stuff, and it really works! It has a warm feeling and great variation, which makes it feel energised and vital all the way home.

Aria – Guest From The Shadow Kingdom

I listen to this album as a wholesome, and I hear strong and powerful music. It might lack some real masterpieces that give me the goosebumps to give this a higher rate, but for a fan already familiar with the tunes, the goosebumps may rise high.

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