Sabaton Open Air 2019

Sabaton Open Air 2019 announce complete line-up.

U Rock

U.D.O., Nocturnal Rites, Raubtier and Pretty Maids announced for Umeå festival U Rock


Northtale returns to their roots at Sabaton Open Air 2019!


Riot V will play at Sabaton Open Air 2019!


War of Thrones and Nerved announced for Sabaton Open Air 2019

U Rock

Sabaton to headline U Rock 2019 in Umeå

Sabaton Cruise 26

Sabaton History Channel to launch on youtube

Sabaton Cruise 26

Livereview Sabaton at the Sabaton Cruise 12/12-18

Sabaton Open Air Festival 2019

Sabaton Open Air adds 5 more bands to 2019 line-up!

Sabaton Cruise 28

Sabaton live at Sabaton Cruise 2018


Borknagar and Utmarken announced for Sabaton Open Air 2019


Manimal to play at Sabaton Open Air 2019

Gathering Of Kings

First Mission will be a Gathering Of Kings from acts such as Saffire, Soilwork, The Night Flight Orchestra, Masterplan, Spiritual Beggars, Pretty Maids and more!


Sabaton to re-issue Carolus Rex. Trailer and lyric video for “The Lion From The North” released.


Grailknights announced for Sabaton Open Air


Sabaton announces quadruple platinum status for the Carolus Rex album