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Wishbone Ash – Coat of Arms

“It’s Only You I See” stands out as something close to when Wishbone Ash was at their best – great riffing, wonderful guitar parts with a slightly folkish touch to them and Powells characteristic vocals on top making it the pride of the album. Unfortunately the remaining parts blend together in a rather pale mishmash without definition.

Rage – Wings Of Rage

I can’t say this for sure, but I have a feeling that the absence of long time member Victor Smolski plays a part in all this. Since his departure in 2015, the idea of Rage as an experimental act has gone down the drain and Peavy Wagner seems to only be interested in making classic metal.

Magnum – The Serpent Rings

There are many really good tracks and a lot of emotion and strength throughout The Serpent Rings. Just listen to the emotion in the title track or the subtle 80’s keyboards in The Great Unknown… It’s beautiful!

Bullet – Live

I mean, this is great. Really great! It’s the best live album I’ve heard in years and years, probably since Halford – Live Insurrection (2001), and I love every single thing about it! An eight star review is just too weak, this must have nine stars! And so it is!

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