Porcupine Tree – Fear Of A Blank Planet (2007)

1. Anesthetize
2. Fear Of A Blank Planet
3. Sleep Together

Glasgow, October 2006. That’s where and when “Fear Of A Blank Planet” came to life. For me personally, that is. On that rainy autumn’s night at Carling Academy, Porcupine Tree played the entire upcoming album six months prior of its release, and I was there! It was a magic night that is engraved in my memory forever. Porcupine Tree is Steven Wilson’s brainchild and their progressive rock totally blew me away in the late 90’s. They have become one of the most important bands for me personally, up there with Metallica. “Fear Of A Blank Planet” is a conceptual record that deals with how the youth at that time were fed with input from different sources such as computers, TV, Xbox etc. resulting in a generation of alienated and blunt teenagers. This is an extremely well-balanced ALBUM that should be played in its entirety, it is not until then the grandeur of the music is fully revealed. This is heaven, this is hell, this is history!

“X-box is a god to me
A finger on the switch, my mother is a bitch
My father gave up ever trying to talk to me”
– Fear Of A Blank Planet –