Opeth – Watershed (2008)

1. Hessian Peel
2. Burden
3. The Lotus Eater

It took me quite a while to get my head around Opeth, but when I finally found the key I was forever stuck in their marvellous world of pure magic. “Watershed” was somewhat of a breaking point between two separate eras of the band. After this album the band took a right-turn into a new landscape, without growling vocals and a sound more leaning towards earthy 70’s progressive rock rather than the early days of progressive death metal. Personally, I like everything they’ve done, regardless the musical direction. But with a gun to my head I would choose the first half of their discography. The best of them all are “Watershed”, maybe because it is the album that most obvious represent both eras. This is nothing but a progressive masterpiece and a must-have in every collection!

”I, once upon a time
Carried a burden inside
I sung a last goodbye
A broken rhyme I’d underlined
There’s an ocean of sorrow in you”
– Burden –