Riot – Thundersteel (1988)

1. Flight Of The Warrior
2. Sign Of The Crimson Storm
3. Bloodstreets

It took me quite a while until I found this gem. My awakening happened when a good friend of mine compiled a CD for me some 20 years ago. This compilation contained a few tracks off ”Thundersteel” and these really stood out from the rest. I bought the album instantly and it has been a staple in my collection since then. “Thundersteel” presents melodic heavy metal at its best, with the amazing soaring vocals of Tony Moore on top of that. A few years later I had the privilege to witness Riot live on Sweden Rock Festival when they played several tracks from this album. That afternoon on the fields of Norje will stay in my memory forever!

”Desperate people in the city
Foolish games of greed and wealth
On themselves they have no pity
They are victims of themselves”
– Sign Of The Crimson Storm –