Saga – Worlds Apart (1981)

1. Wind Him Up
2. On The Loose
3. No Stranger (Chapter VIII)

Everyone has those bands that are closer to their heart than others. Except creating great music, they have that special something that really speaks to you which can’t be explained rationally.
Canadian act Saga is one of those bands for me. Ever since I heard “In Transit” (the best live album ever produced if you ask me) in my early teens they have been, and still are, one of my favourite bands. It’s quite impossible to pick my favourite album, but apart from “In Transit” I would probably choose one of their first four studio albums. “Worlds Apart” is Saga’s fourth album and it’s packed with classics. Their somewhat melodic approach to progressive/symphonic rock is addictive and impossible to get tired of.

“And as he leaves the table:
– No luck today?
You can rest assured he’s coming back to try again”
– Wind Him Up –