Ozzy Osbourne – The Ultimate Sin (1986)

1. Secret Loser
2. The Ultimate Sin
3. Thank God For The Bomb

It’s quite embarrassing, but up until the release of “The Ultimate Sin” I had a hard time listening to Ozzy. Mostly because I found his voice to be a bit whiny. But this album totally won me over, amazingly enough I also started to like his earlier albums that I had previously dismissed. This album isn’t generally looked upon as one of his best outputs, and if you ask Ozzy himself he will agree with that. For me it’s a different story since I love the album, and that includes the vastly criticized production. The song writing is top-notch, and the guitar work of Jake E. Lee exquisite. Actually, I regard “The Ultimate Sin” together with “Blizzard Of Ozz” as his finest works!

”Like moths to a flame
Is man ever going to change?
Time’s seen untold aggression
And infliction of pain”
– Thank God For The Bomb –