Ensiferum – Ensiferum (2001)

1. Treacherous Gods
2. Guardians Of Fate
3. Token Of Time

Only Sweden can compete with Finland regarding the ratio of competent metal acts per capita. When Ensiferum released their debut album just after the turn of the millennium they instantly stood out from the crowd. Perhaps not soundwise since their folk metal wasn’t innovative or groundbreaking, but above all because the quality of their song writing was way above par. What I really love about this album is the perfect balance between beauty and aggression with addictive folk melodies as the icing of the cake. The absolute highlight is “Treacherous Gods”. A complete masterpiece from the start, but the last two minutes is the best piece of music ever produced in this genre. Pure magic!

”Time and time again
I witness the birth of a new born star
I climb the highest mountain
To find the essence of a new era”
– Treacherous Gods –