The Cult – Electric (1983)

1. Li’l Devil
2. Wild Flower
3. Outlaw

Between 1985 and 1989 British rock act The Cult produced three masterpieces in a row. The albums I am talking about are “Love”, “Electric” and “Sonic Temple” and they all made a huge impact on my musical DNA. The albums are not only great, but they also have their own distinctive sound and personality. “Electric” is the follow-up to the successful “Love” which leaned towards gothic rock. When the recording of the follow-up started the band first continued with the same producer in the same musical direction. But the band were not satisfied with the end-product and scrapped the whole album. They started all over again with Rick Rubin as the new producer. This time they came out with a totally different sound. The production was dry and the sound structures were quite simple and repetitive. Ac/Dc with a Cult-twist so to speak. The difference between “Love” and “Electric” is huge, but still obvious that it is the same band. Back then, after being quite confused initially, I fell in love with “Electric” after a few spins. And the love hasn’t faded during the years! I also have to mention vocalist Ian Astbury, the only man that can scream “Yeah!” and “Baby” a hundred times throughout a whole record without losing his dignity. Brilliant!

“She came on with an alligator smile
Dynamite lover, scorpion child
Trying to get to heaven
‘Fore the sun goes down”
– Li’l Devil –