Kingdom Come – Kingdom Come (1988)

1. Now Forever After
2. Living Out Of Touch
3. What Love Can Be

The first time I heard Lenny Wolf sing was when listening to the legendary Swedish radio show “Rockbox” in my teens. The song was “Break Down The Walls” with his previous band Stone Fury. The band were quite mediocre, but that song is simply brilliant! When Lenny returned with a new band, Kingdom Come, it was a giant leap upwards regarding quality. Some people have criticized the band as nothing but a Zeppelin-clone. And yes, it’s quite obvious where the inspiration comes from, but Kingdom Come had a somewhat more melodic and straight forward approach. The self-titled debut album is nothing but a gem, all songs are top notch from start to finish and the sound is BIG. I still listen to this one, and the brilliant follow-up “In Your Face”, on a regular basis.

”So let the sun stream on down from the sky
And let the moments slip on slowly by
Instead of pushin’ hard
We wouldn’t feel so lonely inside”
– Pushin’ Hard –