Savatage – Gutter Ballet (1989)

1. Gutter Ballet
2. Summer’s Rain
3. Hounds

Savatage is one of those bands which I completely missed back in the days. I remember that I heard and loved the classic metal anthem “Power Of The Night” on Rockbox (Swedish radio show), but I never got around to buy the album. In the late nineties I realised my mistake and finally took a closer look on their music. What I found was a real treasure, I couldn’t understand why I had neglected this fantastic band. I love the depth of their music and the theatrical touch. All held together with brilliant melodies and the characteristic vocals of Jon Oliva. The discography is packed with great albums, my favourites are the dramatic “Gutter Ballet” and its predecessor “Hall Of The Mountain King” which is a bit more straight forward.

“It’s a gutter ballet
Just a menagerie
Still the orchestra plays
On a dark and lonely night
To a distant fading light”
– Gutter Ballet –