Vulkan – Technatura (2020)

1. Rekviem
2. This Visual Hex
3. Spökskepp

Swedish progressive metal act Vulkan (Swedish for Volcano) has been on my radar ever since their debut album “Mask Of Air” (2011). When they released their third album “Thechnatura” last year they finally climbed into the elite of the genre. Their take on progressive rock/metal reminds me of bands like Leprous, Tool, Mastodon and Porcupine Tree. The opener “This Visual Hex” is the perfect opener with its heavy rhythms, mesmerizing melodies, and an atmospheric passage reminiscent of the earlier mentioned Porcupine Tree. On the B-side of this double vinyl something happens, the band changes language into Swedish and stays with that formula during the rest of that side. This affects the musical expression and suddenly we find ourselves in a musical landscape heavily influenced by Swedish progressive rock straight from the 70’s. I just love that U-turn of the album! Also worth mentioning are the adventurous implementation of rhythmics throughout the entire album which stands out a bit from the norm. This was my top album of 2020 and if you are somewhat interested in progressive music with strong melodies you shouldn’t miss this one out.

”Vänta du på ljugarbänkens svar
Låt den bära tyngden av idag
Blundar du för själens tal?
Ses vi här i dödens dal”
– Rekviem –