Bruce Dickinson – The Chemical Wedding (1998)

1. Book Of Thel
2. The Tower
3. Chemical Wedding

Since not being a member of Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson spent the lion part of the 90’s pursuing a solo career. His solo albums are quite diverse regarding musical direction as well as the quality they contain. With the ’98 offering “The Chemical Wedding” he most definitely hit the bull’s eye! This album is in my opinion way better than anything he has done after reuniting with Maiden a few years later. On this record he worked with competent guitarist/producer/song writer Roy Z and what they came up with is a heavy, melodic, and convincing album. “Book Of Thel” is among the best tracks I have ever heard Bruce sing. Just insane!

”The mark is on you now
The furnace sealed inside your head
Melting from the inside now
Waxy tears run down your face”
– Book Of Thel –