Pretty Maids – Future World (1987)

1. Future World
2. Yellow Rain
3. Needles In The Dark

Already a few seconds in when I heard Pretty Maids for the first time, I just knew that they had something special. I will always remember that day in my early teens when the radio played “Back To Back” off their full-length debut “Red, Hot And Heavy” and my jaw dropped. On their second album “Future World” it was obvious that the band had evolved a bit further with their own mix of melodic hard rock and classic heavy metal. The song writing and dynamics on this album are top-notch and as a whole this could only be defined as a pure classic! Pretty Maids have continued to deliver high quality albums through their entire career, but the first two will always be at the top of my list.

“Are we prisoners in Nowhereland
Where darkness is your only friend
Kept inside the wall of sleep
Have we fallen into a deep freeze”
– Future World –