Dio – The Last In Line (1984)

1. Evil Eyes
2. The Last In Line
3. Egypt (The Chains Are On)

Every summer when I was young, me and my family made a daytrip to Gothenburg for some shopping and to visit Liseberg amusement park. In the summer of 1984, when doing this trip, I entered Waidele Music Store as always. On top of the shelf in the store there was one record that immediately caught my attention. I was mesmerized by the cover of “The Last In Line” and had to buy the album instantly. When I came home and listened, I was totally blown away! I literally didn’t listen to anything else for a couple of weeks. This is still my favourite record by Dio. “The little man with the big voice” shines on this collection of fantastic songs. Yes, the nostalgia factor plays in, but this is a classic in the history of hard rock!

”Do you ever think about the way I caught the rainbow
I’ll be there where fire makes you dance
I’m gonna give you the look that opens up the skies
I’ve got evil eyes”
– Evil Eyes –