Amorphis – Under The Red Cloud (2015)

1. Bad Blood
2. Come The Spring
3. Tree Of Ages

Solid, but that not exciting. That is what Amorphis was for me initially. But with the release of their seventh album ”Eclipse” (2006) they took a giant leap up into the elite. The biggest reason why this happened had to do with a vocalist change, Tomi Joutsen’s impact was monumental. There are not many that compete with his ability to seamlessly slide between beauty and aggression. In addition to this the band also sharpened their song writing quite a bit. “Eclipse” is probably still my favourite album from these Finns, but “Under The Red Cloud” is right there at the heels. This is a brilliant album with strong riffs and beautiful folk melodies as its main characteristics.

”Somewhere there’s a tree of ages
Heavens hanging from its branches
Cradling worlds beneath its shadows
Its seeds give birth to tomorrow”