Rush – Power Windows (1985)

1. Marathon
2. Middletown Dreams
3. Manhattan Project

It took me quite a while until I realised that Rush was something for me. My brother owned “Caress Of Steel” (1975) back in the days and the memory of my profound hate for that record is still vivid. I was only six years old and definitely not mature enough for progressive rock. I moved on in life and continued listening to music in all forms, but when Rush released a new album, I didn’t care at all. The turning point came when I discovered Porcupine Tree and as a result began to investigate progressive rock on a more serious note. It was like finding a treasure chest when I realised that Rush was right up my alley. Ever since that awakening, I have constantly listened to Rush. My favourite record of the band has changed almost on a monthly basis, but today I would say that I prefer the albums they made in the 80s. The balance between melody and progressiveness was in my opinion perfected in that era. The best of them all is “Power Windows”, strong from start to finish without any flaws whatsoever. And as the icing of the cake, here we can find the best song in the bands entire career, “Marathon”!

“It’s a test of ultimate will
The heartbreak climb uphill
Got to pick up the pace
If you want to stay in the race”
– Marathon –