Queensrÿche – Operation:Mindcrime (1988)

1. I Don’t Believe In Love
2. Breaking The Silence
3. Spreading The Disease

”Operation:Mindcrime” is by many held as the best conceptual rock/metal album ever made. Many have spoken very passionately of the above, which maybe is the reason why others label the album as the most overrated ever. For me it’s undoubtedly the former. This is a perfect album from start to finish. Every single little detail fit into place, and I still love the production, simply timeless! This was the first album I bought on CD. Even if I don’t like the media in itself, it was a fantastic way to start. The album is like watching a movie that draws you in right from the beginning and you don’t wake up to the real world until the credits arrive. Masterpiece!

”The criminal mind found at the scene of the crime
Handcuffed and blind, I didn’t do it”
– I Don’t Believe In Love-