Icon – Night Of The Crime (1985)

1. Raise The Hammer
2. Danger Calling
3. Out For Blood

Just one year after their more than decent self-titled debut, Icon released their sophomore album “Night Of The Crime” in 1985. This was a huge leap forward and I rank the album among the best melodic hard rock albums ever made. The side-effect of writing catchy rock anthems is normally that it affects the long-term durability of the songs. However, Icon had a somewhat unique expression in a crowded genre which lifted them to another level than their colleagues. The album bears a typical 80’s sound but in some remarkable way I still find it timeless. If it wasn’t for a few weaker tracks at the end of the album I would label this as a masterpiece.

“The case won’t end
Til I’m sure I’ve got the proof
And the jury will decide it
My revenge is to see you tell the truth”
– Raise The Hammer –