Tarjei Kristoffersen – Vocals/Guitar | Dennis Estensen – Guitar | Joakim Karlsen – Bass | Johan Fredrik Bolli – Drums

Norwegian hardcore band Oberst Oberst blends many influences seamlessly into a unique sound, be it hardcore, post metal, progressive metal and rock. Their huge, warm and atmospheric riffs meet hectic, catchy elements driven by intense and at times manic vocals.

Originally formed around the mutual interest in music rather than any particular genre, the band later found common ground in bands like Mastodon, Baroness, Converge and Cult of Luna. However, influences that are unique to each of the members has become just as defining, ranging from classic rock and jazz to modern pop.

“Goddess” is the third single off their upcoming debut album, due early 2019.

You can now watch the music video for “Goddess” first, right here:

The band has commented: “The song Goddess deals with the idea of escaping reality by way of intoxication. It touches on the very human reaction that is trying to forget while the world is burning around you, and how hard it can be to open your eyes and face the music once you have gotten the taste of something more than the «real world». The music video is shot and directed by the amazing Lars Rolland Andersen.”

The release of Oberst’s self-titled debut EP was met with critical acclaim and praised as «some of the best metal produced in Norway for a long time» (HISSIG). The singles from the EP got played and recommended on national radio and featured on the acclaimed Norwegian TV series «Unge Lovende». The band has since played numerous shows with bands such as Tempel, Ondt Blod, Attan and Halcyon Days.