I’d never heard of the band Pulgasari before but when I got a mail from a contact at their record company I was curious so I took the time to listen to the new album. It turned out to be a big surprise for me. The first time I listened to “No Ghost In The Machine” I thought it was very dark, but after a few spins it still sounded a little bit dark but a few songs started to stick out from the rest. The opening track “Alive Again” is definitely a favourite for me and the influences from Pearl Jam in the song “Interstellar” turn that song to another favourite.

All in all there is nine tracks on the album and when we come to the end I think there is something missing. It’s a good album so it’s not that but it feels a little bit short (and that’s odd because I like albums which is around 40 minutes). I want to hear more from these guys and i hope that they will take another step on the next album. But lets not rush into the future, take a few moments and listen to this album right here and right now. This is definitely the biggest surprise for me so far in 2019 and it might even end up on my top 20 when I’m going to sum this year up in december.

Band: Pulgasari
Title: No Ghost In The Machine
Label: Gain/Sony
Date of release: 8/3-19
Playing time: 36,46
Rate: 7/10
Stand out track: Alive Again